Safety Audits And Inspections

Safety Audits and Inspections

QES offers Safety Audits and Inspections including ConSASS Audit, Internal Audit, Risk Management Audit, Workplace Safety Inspections, and WSH audits.

Both a safety inspection and a safety audit aim at ensuring that work is being carried out as safely as possible, complying to the regulations.

QES, with its team of experts in this area has developed a number of comprehensive proven Inspection and Audit programmes that are associated with the inspection services that we provide.

Our approaches include:

  • Detailed Verification Processes
  • Thorough Inspections
  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Ongoing Training Activities
  • Process Management

QES has a team of experts in Auditing and Inspections, including Construction Safety Audit Scoring System (ConSASS), Internal Auditing, Risk Management Auditing, and Workplace Safety Inspections.

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