Course Description

Obtaining a Yellow Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma (based on the IASSC standard exam) shows that you have a good understanding of Six Sigma and Lean principles and processes. You will be able to contribute to any continuous improvement (CI) program after completing the QES Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification preparation and training course. Using a variety of activities and case studies, you will learn both key methods and tactics, as well as how to put them into practice.

Course Content

  • What is Quality (Introduction)
  • Enterprise-wide View (Introduction)
  • Lean (Introduction)
  • Six Sigma Roles and Responsibilities (Introduction)
  • Understanding the Define Phase of Six Sigma (Define Phase)
  • Six Sigma Important Stakeholders (Define Phase)
  • Voice of the Customer (Define Phase)
  • Critical to Quality Flowdown (Define Phase)
  • Selecting Six Sigma Projects (Define Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Define Phase)
  • Processes and Process Characteristics (Measure Phase)
  • Process Maps and Flow Chart (Measure Phase)
  • Fishbone Diagram (Measure Phase)
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Basic Statistics (Measure Phase Module)
  • Measurement System Analysis (Measure Phase)
  • Data Integrity and Accuracy (Measure Phase)
  • Process Capability Analysis (Measure Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Measure Phase)
  • Graph and Data Analysis (Analyse Phase)
  • Five Whys (Analyse Phase)
  • Non-Value Added Activities (Analyse Phase)
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Analyse Phase)
  • 5S (Improve Phase)
  • Kanban and Poka-Yoke (Improvement Phase)
  • Maintain Controls (Control Phase)
  • Documentation Plan
  • Wrap Up & Action Items (Control Phase)

Course Information

Mode: Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid Class

Course Duration: 3.0 Days

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