Course Description

This course covers how to improve the performance of all processes inside a business using Process Management, Basic Statistics, and Basic Lean Six Sigma techniques. Lean Six Sigma process management is a highly respected skill set since it provides a comprehensive picture of the entire business process and allows for the identification of those stages in the process that require improvement. A Process Management System also includes a measuring framework, which will significantly reduce the time spent in the early phases of refining the targeted business process.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Phase A – Introduction; Define and Measure

  • Course Overview
  • Process Management
  • Basic Statistics
  • Cost of Poor Quality
  • Define Phase
  • Defining an Improvement Project
  • Measure Phase Part One
  • Measure Phase Part Two
  • X-Y Matrix Analysis
  • Capability Analysis
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Improvement Project

Lesson 2: Phase B – Analyse, Improve and Control

  • Introduction
  • Defects, Defectives and Opportunities
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Lean Value Stream Analysis
  • Applying the 5S Principles
  • Introduction to Improvement Experiments
  • Poka-Yoke Methods
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Control Charts
  • Tracking and Managing a Process
  • Finalising Your Process Project
  • Glossary of Lean Six Sigma

Course Information

Mode: Face-to-Face, Online, or Hybrid Class

Course Duration: 2.0 Days

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