Industrial Noise Monitoring

Industrial Noise Monitoring

QE Safety Consultancy providing the Industrial Noise Monitoring Service. How to Conduct Noise Monitoring? Just Contact Us.

A noise map can be produced by taking noise measurements at multiple locations in a work area. Noise monitoring measures the level of noise being exposed to employees at a workplace. This characterizes the level of noise at a particular location or a workplace caused by some specific sources.

Detrimental effects of exposure to high noise levels

  • Hearing loss, where the extent of damage depends mainly on the intensity and duration of the noise
  • Noise induced deafness, caused by a prolonged exposure to high noise levels

How does QES helps with Noise Monitoring?

We at QES will carry out tests and produce reports with the details as following:

  • Details of Workplace Monitored
  • Details of Competent Person performing the noise mapping
  • Workplace Representative(s)
  • Details of Instrumentation
  • Certification

QE Safety Consultancy providing the following Monitoring & Tests Services:
– Audiometry Service
– Smart Monitoring Solutions
– Combustible Dust Testing

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