Workplace accidents may occur at any organization, most of the time in secret. It is a popular opinion that as the size of an organization increases, so does the severity of workplace accidents which occur. This is because with new technologies and machineries being equipped at a workplace, the risk of injury among those who handle them also greatly increases. There are a multitude of variables which contribute to workplace accident at a working environment. Following are some of the causes of workplace accidents.

Hazardous materials
Many employees and workers take very lightly the safety precautions set by a company, especially at a worksite which involves heavy machineries, chemical substances and hazardous materials which may directly or indirectly impose threats onto them. For instance, some employees put their lives at stake when they do not wear personal protective equipment (PPE) or poor management and storage of hazardous materials. The workers should be constantly enlightened about the importance of these safety measures to avoid any mishaps.

Falls due to slips and trips
Slips are conditions which happen when there is too little friction or traction between the surface and the footwear.
Trips however happens when our foot collides with an object, causing us to fall or trip.
Some factors of slips:
-Oily or wet surfaces
-Loose rugs or mats
-Weather hazards
Some factors of trips:
-Poor lighting
-Wrinkled surface (carpet)
-Uncovered cables
-Uneven walking surfaces

Fatigue and dehydration
General exhaustion is a common problem workers face in a work site, especially those involved in heavy tasks and manual labour. Many employees fail to take breaks within their normal working hours and this eventually causes excess stress and also dehydration. An insufficient amount of water in the body may cause heat stroke which imposes great danger to the lives of employees.

The issues addressed above, can be easily overcome by mainly:
Setting the workplace safety climate which encompasses aspects like employee training
There are many companies which offer different training sessions, to satisfy the needs of different organizations depending on their size, purpose, and company policy compliance. Accidents sustained by workers involving equipment and heavy machines can be easily avoided if the management always ensure the employees adhere to the safety rules set by the company.
The importance accorded to training employees at an organization has now become a great deal at most companies as many employers are constantly planning and reviewing their competence in training their fellow employees to avoid any injuries or deaths at workplace.
We at QES offer various training programmes targeted for different industries according to their individual needs and goals.
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