Implementing a safe work culture is as important as ensuring company productivity is maximized at all costs, regardless of company nature, type or even its size. There is a constant need for organization heads and local authorities in Malaysia to make sure safe working environments in local facilities and production units.

A safe workplace is essential to:
– Ensure everyone at a jobsite is safe
– Make sure that work operations can operate as usual
– Plays a major role in boosting employee productivity

Read further to know more about the 5 hallmarks of a safe working culture to improve a company’s workplace safety.
1. Always encourage your employees to report any health and/or safety related issues they face while at work. This automatically reflects the concern the management team has upon their team to ensure the workers remain safe and healthy while at work. Not only that, further assessments can be conducted by employers to have an in-depth exposure about the workers’ condition. This will give a chance for the employees to articulate their concerns to the board of management, and promote a transparent and clear 2-way communication between employers and employees to enhance workplace safety.

2. Thorough investigation and report making should be carried out should any incident take place at the jobsite. This includes incidents or circumstances that may threaten the safety and health aspects of the employees. The root cause as well as preventive steps have to carefully identified and analysed. Many companies nowadays issue the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to inform their employees about the incident and can be used a framework while at work. This stimulates a positive mind-set among the working employees at the organization and boost their confidence.

3. Thirdly, work safety trainings, briefings and courses should be conducted at workplace. This can be achieved at a workplace by putting in charge a safety champion to constantly monitor and campaign programmes across all departments and levels at an organization. The safety champion can be even an executive who helps the company realize that workplace safety must be the No. 1 concern of the organization. Such courses and meetings conducted at a workplace enables workplace health and safety relates policies can be discussed together, hence acts as a platform in disseminating accurate and useful information about workplace safety.

4. The best way to acclimate to a new workplace policy is by practising it regularly. It must be made compulsory for companies nationwide to evaluate their safety policies so that they are always easily adaptable and in accordance with company policy. This will highlight the readiness of the management regarding safety at their workplace, thus instilling confidence in their employees. When this is made a practice, a safe work culture can be promoted at any workplace inarguably.

The points stated as above will greatly help to build employee trust and credibility upon the organization in realising the importance of workplace safety at the company they work at. This will directly and indirectly benefit the company as employees will feel safe and confident while working and this will increase work quality and productivity.

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